Monday, August 10, 2015

The Blog Is Back- Back to School Morning Routine- 5 Easy-to-Follow Steps

What is your morning routine like? Mothers of school-aged children know how hectic and overhwelming it can be to get a bunch of kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door.

There are ways to go about the craziness, I promise!



* older kids can pack their own lunches, provided that they follow some sort of plan as to what they throw in.

* you can make bins of already-decided snacks, so they can choose a specific amount from each bin.



* this step is a MUST for the little princess or prince that won't simply let you pick their clothing for them.



* this will allow you to set-up breakfast, and get some work done before the little ones get up. 20 solo minutes in the morning is 14k



* you can set-up a reward system where a child can get a star on their chart provided they are packed-up, dressed, have eaten breakfast, and their shoes are on, all by a certain time. This has worked in my home, with all ages. Stay consistent and let the child choose what reward. 



* there is nothing more distracting for a kid in the morning than that tablet or phone. Kids are sucked into the colored moving images, and the idea of packing their backpack or getting their shoes on, is the worst idea ever!

* use the electronic as a reward system : i.e- 20 extra minutes after school or on the weekend  if you are ready by 7:45

Please post your routine, thoughts or ideas! Thanks for clicking on the post

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The kindle fell and cracked, and this happened...

A preface to this post is that since I am the way end of school for my degree, I have decided to slowly get back to blogging. It is fun, enjoyable, and a great way to loose some stress at the end of a hard day.

Back to the kindle falling-

The kindle fell of the kitchen counter with a dramatic bang. I instinctively knew that if the screen hadn't cracked, pigs would be flying. The kids were upset. The screen was cracked in a million places deeming it not only unplayable, but also dangerous as the swiping of the screen would undoubtedly cause a nick to the skin.

The kindle was tucked away. My first thought was, "as soon as the kids are in bed, I will have to scan the web for some new hot deal on a kindle or something similar. I will not survive with them not having one to play on."

I stopped in my tracks. What? I can't survive without them sitting on that blasted thing for hours? Then the thoughts came pouring in. Their free time was always soaked up by this device. Despite the fact that I tried to keep strict rules regarding its' usage, it had become this constant play-toy, one that the kids would beg for all the time. But it was so easy to just let them play because as a busy mom of six kids, I could use more than just a minute in the kitchen alone, string dinner and packing lunches.

After much thought, I decided that we won't be buying another one any time soon. The kids still get their computer turn once every other day, and I find that the desktop is so much more easily controlled.

The kids had withdrawal symptoms that were pretty bad. "what will we do?" "we will be bored forever" they would randomly blurt out in their annoyance with our decision not to replace their beloved kindle. 

And this happened. The kids found other things to keep them busy. Don't get me wrong, I hear just as many "im bored's" as the next mom, but they talk more about their day in details, they are more creative in their play together and I see their faces and watch them dance around the house or rough-house around the carpet. They are happier children I believe because they are now reliant on their own brains to keep them occupied. They are free.

The way I see it- it is much harder to parent in this day and age. With technology comes something great. But like all things wonderful and exciting, there is always a possibility of negativity associated with that good.The kindle was starting to harm my children in ways that an outsider wouldn't necessarily see. But we saw it, and I will forever be thankful for that moment in time when the kindle hit the floor.

My kids have taken an interest in playing card games, we bought a pool table which they love and are always playing with, and my younger ones have been joining in my culinary aspirations in the kitchen. The older boys are working on making a movie with my husband, and are busy with their own creative inventions. Moments of boredom will always present themselves, but I feel good knowing that I am raising them now with health habits.

It is now six months from that day when the kindle fell, and I am proud of my choices. I have connected more with my children and am enjoying them more. We have a healthier relationship with the computer as well, and the older kids have learned the keyboard through a kids learn-to-type software. Healthy habits for the computer is key.

This choice of ours is something that is specific to our family. Letting your child play on one of these devices is not a reflection of you as a parent , nor is it a tell-tale factor in how your child is doing. This is our choice for our children. Kindly refrain from any judgement, as I am the last one to judge yours.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tip to organize school supply shopping list

This year, all of a sudden, it is overwhelming in terms of the school supply shopping list. I have only received 2/4 lists, but to make things easier until I receive the remaining two, I made this easy to use spreadsheet using google docs

Check it out- copy and paste into browser

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer time is cleaning time!!!

Now that school is coming to a close, it is a great idea to start thinking about how to go about storing the school related paraphanilia and pulling out and storing the summer accessories in an easy to view and store way!

My idea of giving the kids a cloth bag and letting them decorate it, and then subsequently use it for winter accessories worked like a charm again this past winter. 

My plan is to store all of the gloves, scarfs and boots in a large plastic container, but still keep it separated by five , for the five kids. 

We will reuse these bags for the summer, using them for bathing suits, sunscreen, swim shoes, goggles, swimming shorts, each kid's personalized towel, and anything else they may need. Everything fits nicely and it will be perfect for day trips- each kid will grab their bag and we are good to go!

Try it, let me know how it goes

*** tip***, the night before, refill the bags with their dry swimsuits and towels, so there will be minimal rush in the morning, especially on those days where you wanna get an early start

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lists, lists and even more lists- the way to go!

In front of me I have lists on paper and pen, and lists on a database of everything necessary for the holiday of Passover.

These lists include guest lists, menu lists, shopping lists, cleaning lists and every list is in order of priority and day that the tasks need to be completed.

This is the way to go. Everything crystal clear in front of you.

As I edit my online lists, I send them to my phone for on-the-go shopping.

Try it! Start with your menu and make a list of all foods you are serving, along with a corresponding shopping list.

Let me know how it goes, or if you have questions!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pre-Passover decluttering tips

OK everyone, there are 5 weeks left until Passover. You know what that means? Time to declutter your house one room at a time!!

Tomorrow's challenge:

Tackle your toy room/toy corner: We all have broken toys, garbage papers and other various things amongst our toys. We all are guilty of "ignoring" the broken nick-nack dollar store toys, but those days end now. Now is the best time to drag a garbage can in and start chucking.

AFTER the throwing out stage, you will organize all board games, stuffed animals, books, arts n craft materials, play people and other various toys into clear easy-to-see storage solutions. Everyone has something that works for them- if your storage solutions are not working for your family, now would be a good time to hit the internet for new affordable ideas.

Good Luck!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decluttering starts with Mommy, and trickles down

This post is a spin on the decluttering concept- one where we talk about "stuff" that accumulates in the house

It is important as parents to imbue in our kids a sense of not buying "Junk" that gets played with for the first few weeks of its life, then gets ignored, lost or broken. The reason for this is because most of the things in this category will make up a decent percentage of the overall clutter of kid-related mess in the house!

Teach your kids that toys that last forever are the ones worth keeping by only buying sustainable, well-quality items. Examples: Puzzles and wooden educational toys, legos. Toys that can break or ones that need batteries you know will not last forever...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Want to declutter but don't know how to get started?

Pick one small area that needs help and roll up your sleeves and get to work:

Example problem areas :

  • Book shelf
  • counter-tops
  • Other various surface areas
  • Play room
  • Kids closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Pantry
  • The "drawer" - you know what I mean- that drawer that *** everything *** gets dumped into!
The next posts will touch on specifics in all of these areas. Try to pick one from the list and work 30 minutes at it tomorrow. if its the only thing you accomplish all day, so be it- at least you can scratch one off the list. Try it!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tips for organizing your week

Sit down at the computer or get out some paper and pen and write something like the following to successfully organize your week!


Laundry + folding in a.m
shopping + homework from noon-2
basketball - yomin, 2-3
clean first floor + dinner and lunches 3-6
party + basketball 7-9:15


Bake cake and cookies with yonason + prepare dinner in a.m before 11
doc appointment, plus bathroom cleaning, library 1-4
showers, homework, dinner 4-7
date with hubby 9-11


Bootcamp @ 6:00
kitchen moping, play time with yonason and first floor house sweeping before 11
dinner prep 11-12
showers, homework, dinner 4-7
work on invitations, scrapbook, and desk cleaning 7-10


Playroom clean-up- 8:30-10:00
work on college registration, menu for shabbos and coming week 10:00-12:00
dinner prep, cake and cookie baking 12:00-1:00
showers, homework, dinner 4-7
bedtime for kids 7-7:20
gym 7:30-8:30


Boot Camp - 6 a.m
Play time with yonason and adara 8:30-10:00
dinner prep, floor moping10:00-12:00
shabbos and week shopping- 12:00-2:00 -
shabbos dessert baking with kids, general house cleaning- shabbos prep- 2:00-4:00
dinner, homework ,showers for shabbos- 4-7
shabbos cooking- 7-9

shabbos cooking with yonason- 8:30-10:00
finish cooking and cleaning while kids are sleeping 10-1 (includes getting candles ready, cholent pot out, water tank out, tablecloth out, shabbos clothes out for kids)
kids do chores, set table, prepare salads, shower for me, bath for adara- 2-4

Your will obviously be customized to your own lifestyle, but you get the gist. The day can be split up in any style of increments, hour or two hours ones work for me. Try this for a week, you'll never go back!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NO space for coats and gloves?

If you do not have space for coats and winter accessories- try to look for a slice of bare wall to bang some hooks on a wall!

You would be surprised how much weight a good hook can hold. I personally have been using hooks and just thought of the idea to get cloth bags from Michaels and have the kids decorate them- then have them hang on the hooks under their coats - to hold gloves and scarfs.

This way the kids will:

  • always have a place to put them after use
  • always know where to look for them
  • develop cleanliness and organization skills starting from 2 years and up!
Putting gloves in their own decorated bag will be fun and is a practical solution to lost gloves and crazy cold rushed morning! Try it!